Getting Assistance

Volunteer pilots fly to help others! Choose a button at the left to find out more about the various kinds of assistance available.

Free air transportation to help those in need or provide service to our communities is provided by the volunteers from many volunteer pilot organizations. You can easily find a public benefit flying group near you!

You can most easily submit a request to all appropriate organizations by completing a simple form. Use the “Request a Flight or Info” button to the left. Any organization that can provide service will respond back to you directly.

For patient transport and medical missions: if you seek help moving a patient in need or in transporting medical materials please contact those groups shown on our Directory of Groups that indicate they provide medical transport in your area, or use the “Request a Flight or Info” button to the left.

For other kinds of missions: also please study the Resource Directory carefully and you will find organizations specializing in non-patient transport missions such as search and rescue, flights for veterans, emergency preparedness, educational flights for youth, international work, animal transport, environmental flying, etc. Contact groups that can solve your or your community’s need.

Again, the easiest way to find them and send you inquiry is to use the “Request a Flight or Info” button to the left.

When contacting groups please do tell them the Air Care Alliance sent you!