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Referral System Listing Information and/or Membership Form

Our form is very detailed. If you have any questions about it or about Membership in the Air Care Alliance or a Listing in our referral system, feel free to send an email to us at

Please download the PDF application and renewal form using the button below, then print, complete, sign, and send it to provide us information for your Membership or your free listing on our website and for ACA web-automated, telephone, and email referrals.

You may also become a Member group of the Air Care Alliance by using this form for your individual or group’s membership application. Membership is not required for listing or referrals, but we strongly encourage groups to join and work with us to improve the work of all public benefit flying organizations and their volunteers. Members are recognized as adhering to high standards of service and are featured more prominently in our Listings and our referrals.

A Member of the Air Care Alliance must be an independently administered valid nonprofit public benefit organization or have an application pending for such status, and must agree with and subscribe to the principles guiding the Alliance, as expressed on our website shown above. We also welcome supportive individuals, companies, and other organizations. It is important that you provide the most up to date facts about your organization so we can make appropriate referrals for you, whether you wish to become a member group of ACA or not.

Note: any information about number of missions, distances, etc. is used to prepare general summary statistics for all volunteer flying and will not be published for particular groups. Estimates may be used. Outside inquiries about a specific group’s activities will be referred to that group’s listed contact.

This information will be updated on a periodic basis. If your information changes please let us know. Please also review the information we provide in your listing on our website and let us know if any changes are needed. Please provide as much information as is easily available – we can add more later if needed.

Important: the certification statement must be completed, signed, and returned or your group may be removed from our system and no further referrals will be made.

Download the PDF form to your computer by clicking here:

Please complete and sign the entire form and email a PDF scan of it (best method), or fax it, or mail it addressed as shown below.

Any payments may be sent by credit card or PayPal by using our button below.
Or you may send a check, mailed to the address below. Make checks payable to Air Care Alliance.

Your Form pages may be emailed via PDF scan to
or faxed to 815-572-9192. Send all three pages. Sign the third.

Mailing Address for mailed forms and/or checks:

Linda Tangen, ACA Administrative Director
1932 Gunnison Place NW
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87120

You may be able to fold the downloaded form so the address on it shows in a window envelope.

You may Pay via Credit Card / PayPal using button below and
indicate the name on the card or PayPal Account on the form you send.


Thank you! If you have additional questions please contact us at