Volunteer pilots

Volunteer Pilots – this is your one-stop volunteer pilot group information source. Learn how as a volunteer pilot you too can fly to help others!

Find a public benefit flying group near you!

The Air Care Alliance provides the only site which lists all known volunteer pilot organizations flying for the public benefit.

For interested volunteers and supporters: if you are a pilot or other person wanting to volunteer for a group, do contact all groups in the listings that you find interesting and which operate in your area.

Please study the listings carefully and you will find organizations specializing in patient and medical transport and also non-patient transport missions such as search and rescue, emergency preparedness, international work, environmental flying, etc. Contact groups whose members work to fill your community’s needs.

You can use our automated referral system under the Request a Flight button to find a group serving your area, or

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When contacting groups please do tell them the Air Care Alliance sent you!